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Here is a list of ITE Parts:



Platform - is a large horizontal base, divided into two sections.

Front section

Front section - is a placeholder for embedded computer components.

A photo of a front section. Almost all computer components are allocated here, including computer itself, power supply units, signal converters, etc.

Rear section

Rear section - is a placeholder for battery assemblies, power controlling schematics, motion controller schematics.

A photo of a rear section. A perforated aluminium plate is used as a mounting for circuits.

Camera tower

Camera tower is mounted to a top plate of a Platform and consists of a Barrel, Tower brake, Camera shaft and Camera gimbals.


Barrel is a cap that covers and holds a motor over the top plate. A camera brake plate is also mounted to the barrel. It is made of aluminium.

A photo of a barrel on a top platform plate. A stepper motor is also mounted to a barrel.

Tower brake

Camera shaft

Camera gimbals


Central axle

Central axle connects left and right First level rocker arcs and a Rocker sway

Rocker sway

Rocker sway is a balancing system with two parallel prolonging rails. It helps to keep a Platform horizontally.

First level rocker arc

First level arc is a larger one arc, mounted to Central axle.

Second level rocker arc

Second level arc is a smaller one arc, mounted to a joint in a rear of First level rocker arc.


Wheel is a 140 mm round, lightweight.

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