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Side Panel Interface is an electronic ┬ÁC-based board that grants primitive user interaction with robot. Here is a full list of user interface devices it provides:

This board is mounted on the side of the rear section.

The design of a functional interface of a Side Panel Interface



Schematic capture

A schematic capture of the Side Panel Interface (ver. 1)

Important interface notes:

Port Direction Function
XP6 In [CMOS5] XINPUT1 - Battery Charge has Finished. Reported by PPC. This signal will be triggered not when the battery is charged, but when user shall think that the battery is in charged state. PPC sees more details in hardware level, so e.g. if one battery block is damaged, the signal will be toggled HIGH when 100% of good batteries are charged to satisfactory charged level (might be less than 100%).
XP7 Out [CMOS5] XOUTPUT1 - Enable PPC operation. Reports to PPC that the user has intentionally submitted a command to have entire system in either Enabled or Disabled state. The PPC will decide to which power state the system should switch from current state. SPI hides random clicks on the button or unsolicited infrared commands by providing clear target system state. Implemented this way because SPI is operating at HMI level and should understand user intentions better, then the close-to-hardware components.
XP8 Out [CMOS5] XOUTPUT2 - Charger Power is Good. Reports to PPC that charger is connected to the PPC and the charger power supply level is sufficient and stable for some time (few seconds). This is done to prevent random blinking and jitter duing attaching and detaching of a power cable, and to prevent charging from a weak or wild power supply.
XP5 Inout [5V Open Drain] I2C interface. Usage could be debuging and message-passing.

PCB Layout

A two-sided PCB layout of the Side Panel Interface (ver. 1) with component names

Device photo

A photo of the complete Side Panel Interface (ver. 1)

Test results

Test results were positive when device was running on high-power 5V rail. It was put to +5Vsb with low current output from PSU but with high self current consumption which caused thermal shutdown (!) of standby +5Vsb source chip. Due to this, resistors on LEDs have been increased to 510 and 750 Ohms.


What shall be fixed in next version:


Part name Standby current, mA Standby power, mW
TSSOP1736 1..5 5..25
Green LED+Logic 4 20
Blue LED+Logic 4 20
Red LED+Logic 5 20
MCU Active mode >6 @ 8MHz (>3 @ 4MHz) >30 (>15)

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